Global Education for Everyone and Anywhere 

An eLearning platform for Corporates, Academic Institutions, and Freelance Trainers with a major intent to provide training in local languages.

GlobEEA for Business

Train, Monitor and certify your employees online.

GlobEEA for Academic Institutions

 Teach, assess, and communicate online with your students as accredited institution.

GlobEEA for Freelance Trainers

Are you a domain expert? Start selling your courses to the world. No hassles.

GlobEEA for Content Creators

Do you own a studio? Can you use Articulate 360? Why not collaborate with our training partners and create world-class interactive courses.

Why You Don’t Need Another E-learning Platform?

  • There are already many. The good ones and not so good ones.

  • We are neither the first one nor the last one, if we speak as LMS.

  • Edx, Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight, Coursera are some of the examples.

  • National level platforms are also emerging from private companies and government backed initiatives.

  • Lot’s of companies are offering custom LMS deployments as well.

  • So what is the problem?

Gain valuable skills for your career with GlobEEA’s online training programs.

Delivering high-quality, mobile-enabled training in local languages that can be accessed at any time and on any device.

Let’s Get Started! 

We are a community that blends business intelligence and peer insight to help you learn, grow and lead.

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